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Issue Five

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Welcome to the fifth issue of Flights e-journal

We can’t believe it is a year since we started the journal, time has flown by. Once again, we are delighted by the excellence of the writing we have to share with you.

We are very excited to say that as well as publishing our fifth quarterly journal today we will shortly be giving you details about an anthology of the best of our last year of Flights. Check our social media and website for exciting news next week.

Our dragonfly logo appears here as our cover art prior to retiring with honour after three and a half years of service; we are pleased to say a new dragonfly logo will land during the next week.

As ever, please do submit your work for our next issue which will be in September.

In the meantime, enjoy Flights number five, if you go to the bottom of this page you will also find a PDF version of the journal.

Darren J Beaney & Barbara Mercer


11 June 2022


Flash & Prose

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