Ron Tobey


We woke dead, tired,
the sliding barn doors of the firewood shed 
parted to wet spring air 
12-inch stacked logs for the Buck Wood stove 
but hot smoke headaches
in the log cabin shut up
2 cords of cold winter muscle pain and ache 
wood desiccated to 20 per cent 
loose bark nest of roaches boring in arthritic memory.
 We remember though where we were 
on what page illness stopped the story of our lives 
somnolent in strange forests
we dreamt 
not to drown 
not in the flooding river of hate 
but to birth in receding waters exposing legacies, 
draining off landscape, 
mudded roads, and washed sluices of hope
archaeological relics released from snow
but exposed to oxygen
we are condemned now
to walk again burning coals of war.

Ron Tobey grounds poetic language and stories in concrete descriptives of real places to convey to the reader the contextual complexity of experience in his poems.

Ron grew up in north New Hampshire, USA, and attended the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He and his wife live in West Virginia, where they raise cattle and keep goats and horses. He is an imagist poet, expressing experiences and moods in concrete descriptions in haiku, storytelling, recorded poetry, and in filmic interpretation. He occasionally uses the pseudonym, Turin Shroudedindoubt, for literary and artistic work. He has published in over 40 different digital and print literary magazines. 

/social media/ Ron is active on Twitter, making announcements, discussing projects, posting personal notes and photographs, and talking with other poets and writers.  Handle @Turin54024117

/representative publications/

“Rumney Bible Conference”, Truly U Review (October 31, 2019); “In Extremis,” Broadkill Review (January-February 2020); “Cliffhanger,” The Cabinet of Heed (UK, January 2020); Videopoems, “Days Rise” and “Open Your Eye”, The Light Ekphrastic (November 2020); Videopoem, “No Name, No Verb”, Atticus Review (July 16, 2021); “Locking Piece,” The Babel Tower Notice Board (UK, September 10, 2021).

Flights, Issue Five, June 2022