A J Wilson


spirited silhouettes 

encircle the room

words unnoticed lie 

disguised upon your lips

your smile belongs 

to an another place

to breathe you in 

is to dance with grace

to breathe you out 

is to leap through space

a single gasp


our last embrace


I sit astride an albatross 
his soft feathers cushion my life,
but I am devoid of feeling, 
as I watch a drowning man
salute the sky.

         In this disconnected world

naked chaos reigns, 
survival depends on us
closing our eyes and becoming 
the message in a bottle

Angela (she/her) was born and lives in rural North Wales, UK, she returned to writing last year after a gap of many years. Since she has been published in a number of magazines including, Ink Drinkers Poetry, Write On Magazine, Visual Verse, Spillwords, Last Leaves and Whispers and Echoes, she is currently compiling her work for her first poetry collection.

Flights, Issue Five, June 2022