Faith Joanne


You’re like a bird on wire
Swaying forwards, coming back
With a gust of wind you could fall
But that’s what you want

You’re like a bird on a wire
Except you have no wings
You’re a man on a bridge
Only your feet holding you

In the blue darkness
You’re a huddled creature
Leaning over the road
Cars go under, oblivious

I watch your head drop
Your shoulders heave
You’re weeping, I can feel it
Soon you’ll be gone

Sitting on the railings, alone
Your tears mix with the rain
You’re slipping away
Reality is no longer your friend

As you start to drop, your face towards the road
Like a fallen angel, with broken wings
Out of the darkness
A hand grabs you, pulling you back

You’re on the ground
You think you must be dead
But you’re still on the bridge
Disappointment hits you like concrete

You cry, you weep and wail
You kick and scream
You’re held down by many hands
“Why didn’t you let me die ?”


Faith Joanne is from North Wales, but now live in Hampshire. She enjoys the outdoors, growing her own veg, reading and films, and socialising with friends.   She works as shop manager, and also a counsellor, with young people and those within the LGBT+ community.  She has been writing for 17 years, mainly poetry, but also fiction and articles, with a few poems published in anthologies. She started performing my own poetry 6 years ago, at Incite, a LGBT+ event, and has since performed at Polari and regularly with Dragonflies since 2019. She will be publishing her first pamphlet this year, the subject matter being mental health, self-harm, suicide, death, and loss. These are close to her heart, as they are from her own experience, and losing loved ones to suicide. She hopes these poems will resonate and make others feel less alone in their experience and grief.  

Flights, Issue Five, June 2022