Flights submission guidelines – Issue Ten, September 2023

Flights is open for submissions for ISSUE TEN until 18.00 on 18 August 2023. We accept submissions of poetry, flash fiction and prose. We have no preferred genre, form or style but will never consider work that is sexist, homophobic or racist 

We aim to publish our e-journal quarterly (March, June, September and December) and all work submitted will be considered for the next issue that has available space

For poetry, please send no more than 3 poems totalling no more than 150 lines

For flash fiction, please send no more than 3 pieces each to be no more than 500 words

For prose, please send no more than 2500 words

Please try to submit previously unpublished work. We will occasionally accept previously published work if we really like it, please tell us when submitting where and when the piece was first published – if we use it we will credit the original publication

Unfortunately, we do not accept simultaneous submissions as we do not have the time to read work that may be withdrawn to be published elsewhere 

Please include any social media handles so the we can promote your work upon publication

Please send us your finished work as we do not have time for revisions.

Please note we will not be able to replicate your choice of font and may not be able to replicate your formatting – but will try.

Your submission must not be pasted in the body of your email, it should be attached to your email in a single WORD.docx – please do not submit using any other format.  Submissions in any other format will not be read

We aim to reply within a 4 to 10 weeks of receiving your submission; feel free to get in touch and give us a friendly nudge if we have been longer than 10 weeks

Of course you are the owner of the work submitted and retain copyright upon publication, but, by submitting to Flights you agree to grant Flights first serial and electronic rights, as well as electronic archival rights (for ever). You also agree that if the work is subsequently published elsewhere (online or in print), you will credit Flights as the original publisher of the work

Flights does not generate any income, so we are not in a position to offer any payment for published work 

We are now a small publishing press and hope to publish an annual selection of poetry in a pamphlet – Take Flight. Publication in Flights may lead to an invitation to be published by our small press, more info here

We aim to nominate for literature prizes (to include Pushcart and Best of the Net)

Send your submissions to:

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