There is a wound on the planet’s skin
that never heals
and there is no medicine…

there is a canvas half drawn in the clouds
but no paints left on the earth’s grounds…

there is a deaf-mute child in us
hoping to speak the unspoken words
but we don’t know any verbs…

there is a language that speaks to me
but its vocabulary was never taught to me…

there is an invisible firing weapon
purposefully targeting my depression
but I refuse to surrender
as I now grow dragonfly wings …

Maroulla is a writer of poetry, children's stories and memoirs. She comes from a Greek Cypriot background. She started writing since a young child. Maroulla studied Social Sciences in Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. She migrated to Australia with her family at the age of 27 and made a career in computers, accounting, and teaching the Greek language. She shared her poetry at events, in Anthologies and magazines. She gets inspired by her imagination, by true stories, by her emotions and the world around her. She loves languages and translating, arts and textiles, cooking, nature exploring and the Greek Mythology.

Flights, Issue Five, June 2022