Flight of the Dragonfly Press

Alongside FLIGHTS our e-Journal we will also be publishing printed material as a small press –

Fight of the Dragonfly Press

Our first publication is Take Flight a pamphlet featuring 21 poems that have appeared in the first four issues of FLIGHTS – Orders can be made here.

We will aim to publish a new edition of Take Flight each summer and also hope to publish a range of individual poets.

For more info on how Fight of the Dragonfly Press will operate please click here and here

Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts. They will not be read.

Submission to the small press will be by invitation only for the foreseeable future


  • Are you sure you don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts? I have a great poetry/short story collection.

Yes, we are afraid so, we are only a small operation and would not be able to manage unsolicited manuscripts.

  • So, will you have a submissions window?

No, sorry. 

  • Well, how will you find out about my writing then?

We run a quarterly e-Journal, FLIGHTS, submitting to FLIGHTS is a great way to show us your work. Find out how to submit here

Alternatively, we run a Spoken Word Evening, both on Zoom and in a room in Brighton, UK, find out more here

If we like what we read or hear then we may approach you with an invitation to submit

  • You only accept poetry, flash and short prose for your journal, how about my novel?

Sorry, for the foreseeable future we will not be publishing novels