Mark Coverdale

i am a photograph i am

the photograph 
of a small yet overwrought abstract
expressionist painting underarmed by a christian
dior model circa sixtyfour all important with a fore
ground cat crossing all slylazy blackandwhite and
glossyarrogant in the city 

the palette
is a sunwink on a sodden saddleworth sundaymorning coming
down yellow in feminine farmlandplenty or plastered in
newcastlebrown or lancashirered or coloured francis bacon
lite or crap communist cars or socialist cheese or anti
fash stickers in the gents’ of a railwaypub where the
graffiti’s always worth a read

the painting
Is franz kline popping over for an armwrestle with
lichtenstein over a euro breakfast of strong
coffee and cigarettes and vodka without small talks or
gestures empty or a study of a selfimportance gland all
swollen from greedaddiction sucking on the hot
saucebottle needing a stop for the endofpier pressure or a short
termist threebuttoned all the wayup just to piss
rightoff the traditionalists or a gainy dogearred grasp at
someoneelse’s past to help prove mistakes are
evidently concrete
the review
reads while fleet of street if i may saysomyself
though the composition is all slopangry and pinchderivative 
the finish is fucking neat

Mark Coverdale is the Art School Mod Poet

Founder of Tonic Sta Press

Flights, Issue Five, June 2022