What could happen when you submit to Flights e-Journal

When you submit to Flights we will consider your work for the next issue of Flights. 

All work submitted to Flights is reviewed when we nominate for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.

The best poetry in Flights will be published annually in an anthology, click here to buy our first annual anthology, Take Flight. This annual anthology will always include the work we nominate for other prizes.

If/when we have a sufficient number of quality prose and flash submissions, we will produce a book of short stories and a flash anthology.

By coming to our notice through submissions to Flights journal you create an opportunity for us to approach you as a Small Press to make a query about whether you have a manuscript ready or at an advanced stage that you would like to submit to us for consideration.

The above, and reading at our Flight of the Dragonfly Spoken Word events, are the only ways in which you can be invited to submit manuscripts to us. We will not be having submission windows for manuscripts, nor running conventional competitions nor will we accept unsolicited manuscripts.

So . . . submit your poems, your flash, your prose . . . to Flights journal, start a journey with us and see where it might take you.

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