Aldo Quagliotti


I’m in constant heat
flavoring my life with discovery 
when the hormonal changes
beat my un-spayed heart 
my irritability calmed down
so much along the years
the irregularities of existence
are now Sudoku to me 
my inflamed heels are reminders
that everything is yet to come
I’m just getting out of retained placenta
a vaginal polyp releasing ink
inviting me to retrieve my freedom back
I used to write beautiful poems, in my mum’s womb
yet I’m a crying prolapse, escaping my burning skin
keep on walking, my captain
and If skin is coming down, losing your direction
 hold your pen against alopecia
hold your breath against tomorrow
an hanging wreath against my sorrow


maculate spots
your kiss stands out
like spicy sauce
we’re inbreeding hope
aligning our breaths via dna
to see that we’re flaring
towards a circumstantial halo
made of every day carinho

diamantine rocks
your touch speaks out
like adamantine schlock
we’re cross reading our schedule
connecting our pauses via lungs Wi-Fi
to see where we’re running
towards a generational parade
made of every day beijinho


There were times in which I
asked the wind 
to lick your nipples
to make you die of joy
those days when I was cuddling 
the idea of an escape
by building a time machine
challenging the impossible
with my usual stubbornness
I would  have loved
to hear you laughing 
tying my arms
around your chest
tasting such warmness
ferociously snore
seeing your nudity
standing by my euphoria
I woke up with your fading
being my lighthouse
in the dark
and time changed it all
it pushed my dots
and commas
it smacked
my smoky illusions
my meaningless

You won’t return
to my open door
so I silently tell the wind
to tenderly explode you around
as breeze, as a kiss, as the me I couldn’t be
as my deepest wish
my animalistic prayer
lost in a forever
I will never forgive

Aldo Quagliotti is an italian poet living in London, UK. He’s the author of Japanese Tosa (London Poetry Books) and Confessions Of A Pregnant Man (AllienBuddha Press). His poems have been rewarded in Italy, Brazil, USA, Canada, Ireland and in the United Kingdom. He has been selected for important anthologies such as Paper therapy,Yawp!, The Essential anthology, Murmurations, Poetical Word, Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus. Several webzines and magazines have published his work, such as INNSÆI, U-rights, Credo espoir, Parouisia , Poetica Review and many more. In October 2020 He Has been chosen to represent the Poetry Corner at the London Chelsea + Kesington Art Week. With a diploma at London College of Media and Publishing in music criticism, He also collaborates with music webzines like Peek-a-boo and Gigsoup, and offers genuine feedback to emerging authors/ musicians on his personal blog Quaquaversal.

Flights. Issue Two, September 2021