Exploitation paints this earth
In the subtle rouge
Of newly emerged roses

Whose thorns demand atonement
For the beggars that tear rose buds
In hope of sustenance,

Or in equitable existence
Where universal are rights
Within supposed western complexes,

But not applicable to the worn hands
That pluck far off joy
Ready to be shipped

To globalized markets
Electronically positioned
And dominant in covert discourse,

But what can universality do
For the ardent purveyors
Of subjugation exported,

Where oppression is embedded,
And passively accepted. 

A.R.Salandy is a mixed-race writer. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony’s work has been published 160 times. Anthony has 2 published chapbooks titled ‘The Great Northern Journey’ 2020(Lazy Adventurer Publishing ) & ‘Vultures’ 2021 (Roaring Junior Press). Twitter/Instagram: @anthony64120 https://arsalandywriter.com/  Anthony is the Co-Eic of Fahmidan Journal. 

Flights. Issue Two, September 2021