Deep in the fog that shrouded the pine trees in all directions, is where I danced amongst a surreal nature, so strongly scented with the musk of dampened air. But as I swayed the intoxicating smell lingered until I became overcome by the fairies that danced just above my head. But as I fell a mossy rock caught me and shielded my bloody head as I became farther gone in my own fantasy. But as the night swept swiftly overhead, I was left so simply lost in my own naïve adventure, that as the shrubbery began to rustle in every direction, it was only then that I paused for reflection. For now a somber darkness brought strange light to the delusions of my mind, as they gave way to the reality of my plight. A plight so uniquely mine that it was only when the fluorescent light of fireflies began to loom just beyond my reach, that I realized that the fairies were merely the contrived reality my mind assumed. An assumption that brought a peaceful ending to an adventure gone awry, deep in the forested depths of my mind.

A.R.Salandy is a mixed-race writer. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony’s work has been published 160 times. Anthony has 2 published chapbooks titled ‘The Great Northern Journey’ 2020(Lazy Adventurer Publishing ) & ‘Vultures’ 2021 (Roaring Junior Press). Twitter/Instagram: @anthony64120 https://arsalandywriter.com/  Anthony is the Co-Eic of Fahmidan Journal.

Flights. Issue Two, September 2021