Yuu Ikeda

I Wish

I wish words that nobody hits on
dropped from the sky like snowflakes did,
and piled up on my umbrella

I wish I could pick up these words,
put them in a small bottle,
add colors, and
carry the bottle always

I wish I could gather
a lot of words
every day,
and make colorful collections of words

I wish these words spread
through someone's heart
in Spring that snowflakes start to thaw

Yuu Ikeda is a Japan based poet.She loves writing, reading mystery novels,and drinking sugary coffee.She writes poetry on her website. www.poetryandcoffeedays.wordpress.com/

Her published poems are“On the Bed” in <Nymphs>,“Love? or Death?” in <Sad Girl Review>,“Poetry Drops Like Raindrops Do” in <JMWW>,and more.

Flights. Issue One, June 2021