Thea Schiller


 Doing our best, in secret,
     in whispering to the wind,
                          To carry, to cradle, to whisk us far away to lands of asking,
                          for completion, envelopment --
                          the way we needed to elope 
                          inside a secured calm of love.
                          The wind’s memory of childhood
                          Pushing our small frames ahead,
                          Our laughter, effortless eddies, circling above
                          the trusting atmosphere of family,
                          when what was known was without the fear 
                          Of future endeavors and dread.

Oh wind,
                         the need to feel the spread upon our necks
                         Your gentle fingers moving away from weep to blossom.

  The cherry trees,
  inch up the vine of green,
                      transform the trance of white, to pink to sing.
                      For we, no longer alone, bereft,
                      will sink into your smoothest  swoon of Spring,
                      Abide fierce messages you bring,
                      To stay robust and trust
                      the sojourn of your languor’d  wind.

                      All chases of our supplications
                      Stop inside your wondrous  solemn breeze.

Thea Schiller, a New York poet and psychotherapist facilitates a poetry workshop at the Somers library in Somers, N.Y. and practices psychotherapy in CT.  She holds a B.A. in creative writing from The City University of New York, and an MS in counseling from Western CT State University.  Her poem, “Sarah” was the Orchard Poetry Prize winner in Furrow, University of Wisconsin.  Recently, she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and  her poems have appeared in The San Diego Annual Poetry Review 2017-2018, Edify Fiction, The Ravens Perch, 4th & Sycamore, Hevria, Lucent Dreaming and The Tenth Muse as well as many small literary journals in the past.  When given the chance she follows her muse from Norway to Greece.

Flights. Issue One, June 2021