Rhea Skelton


My dream resides in a pool of acid
It's an OK place given the current market
- A purple phantom
She is woven with green
Wears trees like the forest floor in Autumn
Lays her roots down
Through my achielles heel
She does not need it
- This fictional cottage
Where wisteria grows up around the doorframe
Colours are tangible here
We lather ourselves in fairy liquid
Bubbles web our fingertips
We are chameleons
Traversing the plains 
Between reality
And lavender soaked pillows

My dreams tells me secrets
- Chinese whispers
That I do not understand 
She echoes along my intestines
Rising bile to my throat
I gulp it down with Southern Comfort
As it falls back into my chest cavity

We play
Like we are pounding blackberries
Into wine

Rhea started writing as an outlet through art therapy. Rhea has since worked on developing their voice and performing at local slams – receiving a mentorship which helped them further hone their works. They enjoy writing about everyday life from a confessional perspective.

Flights, Issue Four, April 2022