Patricia M Osborne

Behind the Curtain

your explosive smile
raises my mood 

sweet breath like a fruit malt 
arouses my core 

strong hands touch
soothe 		protect

but black eyes unmask 
the lies you hide

I draw back the curtain
shadows arise


you gave me your caress 
honied kisses    lashes of desire 
a sweet perfume of dreams 

but when I went to sleep 
something changed 

your kisses stung 
you whipped me with words 
turned your back  

and left me in darkness 

Snap, Crackle, Singe

                                      I scrunch up paper,
                                           stack sticks,
                                         scratch on flint
                                        Inhaling sulphur.

                                    An orange blaze burns
with a black smoulder					creating a vibrant glow.

                                      Snap, crackle, pop–

                               I chuck monochrome photos

watch features fizzle				on to the flame, 

                                    and love letters  

                                    S   P   I   T

                          Heaving my bridal gown
                                   from the box
                              it joins the inferno.

                           Snap – Crackle – Singe 

Flights, Issue Eight, March 2023