Özge Lena


what I want is					
a whole galaxy

sleek sentences 
the scape

your leaving 
my tongue    

a drop
white ink

your mouth

black birds

my breath
frosty glass

the galaxy
to name

luscious stars 
your freckled body 
itonda, yildun, 

veritate, ankaa,

lerna, belenos,

dziban, mira, 

taika, canopus,

flegetonte, vega, 


horna, polaris,

sirius, capella
a whole galaxy
of sleek sentences

sizzling in the airscape
goat I’m of your leaving

splits open my tongue
begging for a drop  

of white ink
fills in your mouth

watering loneliness	
of counting black birds

on the windowsill tapping
to catch my breath 

flowers on the frosty glass
wearing the galaxy

that I kissed to name
after luscious stars

of your freckled body
is what I want

Özge Lena is a poet & writer based in Istanbul and an English language teacher. She has a published novella titled Otopsi (The Autopsy). Her poems have appeared in Ink Sweat & Tears, Green Ink Poetry, Fragmented Voices, Harana, Swim Press, The Phare, and elsewhere, also forthcoming in iamb. Her poetry was shortlisted for the Ralph Angel Poetry Prize 2021 judged by Mary Ruefle and her poem Summerlepsy was shortlisted for The Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition in 2021.

Twitter: @LenaOzge

Instagram: @lenaozge

Flights, Issue Six, September 2022