Mariyam Karolia

Bradford Bhaji’s on Brighton Beach -1985

There is Yorkshire Tea and samosa’s on Brighton Beach today
Virgin mimosas of chatter, natter, put the world to right
No men in sight
Pomegranate willows transplanted
to feed mango to the masses and knit baby hats
The coach travelled down the M1
with plums of Bollywood sung in tuneless tones
coughed the high notes out
Now they whirl with dervish freedom
These Saris on sandy beaches eating ice cream
while dipping toes in honeydew waves
relishing these moments of hired happiness.
Regret balks at the thought of home before it arrives
Back to a lack of understanding
Back to watermelon smiles
Back to sea-less rooms and concrete walls
Back to thumbs pressing down
on banana shawls.
Back up the M1
Everything is quiet.

Flights, Issue Eight, March 2023