Kevin Ahern

To Be or Not?

I had self doubts, late yesterday
A crisis existential
Am I for real or might I be
A dream, inconsequential?

Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”
To prove his own existence
Because to be, there must be something
Making that insistence

Just like Descartes, I think a lot
So I had to be, wahoo!
But in view of that, I must confess
I’m not so sure of you

Too Much Time

I got arrested the other day
Seems what I did was not OK

An officer told me that my crime
Was I had taken too much time

“But what,” I said, “I didn’t know”
“That it was time for me to go”

“Ignorance,” he said, “is no excuse”
“You mess with time and you will lose”

Because of this, it seems that I’m
A person who’ll be doing time

Kevin Ahern is a Professor Emeritus of biochemistry from Oregon State University who is enjoying the spare time he has gained in retirement to write verses, limericks, and other creative items. 

Flights. Issue One, June 2021