Jon Doble


And in the time of conception, the space of knowing well beyond 
the reasonableness of knowing, knew all too well inkling lines 
that well aimed would please the fletcher’s choice of words
drawn from his shallow word hoard of conceit.
And in the time of launching, before the send key blasts
with thoughtless speed, the crafted mission into space,
the pointing finger having writ, moves on heedless
to the careless cargo of negligent deceit.
And in the time between the launching and the landing
there was no time for gentle mapping of curious words,
no time for thought, or hope, or expectations great or small
still reckless to the pain of landing, now devoted to defeat.
And in the time of landing, before anyone has the nous to shout
“Houston, we have a problem”, or pull the plug before the fall,
the rarefied toxic heavens cry without remorse and cannot see
mankind’s giant leap corroded now to backward retreat.


The man with many answers
sits in judgment 
on the question now at hand.
“How many angels can dance
on the head of a pin?”
he said
without thinking 
but smiling knowingly
and shaking his fist in prayer.

Christmas 2021

The presence of the donkey
is desirable but let’s face it,
not essential,
and shepherds
with or without sheep
add little to the way the story goes.
And let’s be honest,
wise men tend to be a bore
with endless anecdotes of self
and dimly muttered words of wit.
But, buried in the story line
is one who seems to shine with hope,
for when others said the place was full
he, above all else, knew the truth and saw
that there is always, always,
room for more.

Jon Doble is an aspiring poet living in Devon in the South West of England.  In the past he has worked as a social worker and, for many years as a regional manager in a children’s charity, and various positions within the church. He has a passionate interest in exploring questions far more than answers and in the pursuit of engaged curiosity. He lives by the sea with Jo and Murphy the Spaniel. His poetry has appeared in Saccharine Poetry Volume Two 2020, and numerous editions of Dreich magazine (2020/21) and two Green Ink Poetry collections (2021). Find on Twitter as @InsideJon.”

Flights, Issue Three, December 2021