Fotoula Reynolds


I walk inside your stories
The road is as long as a dream
On the avenue of Beech trees
We share the air and take breath

The sky is a painful blue
And if I were snow
I’d hit the ground
With a dead sound

I hear your falling love
And if I were a cloud
I’d scroll across the world
Taking your aches with me

Yesterday lives on childhood’s kite
And if I were water
I’d swim around you
Keeping our bond afloat

The bougainvillea trails away
And if I were heaven and earth
I’d plant your heart
In the sanctuary of my garden


In my early old age
I sojourn in reckless
And stubborn writing

Fragmented memories
On paper
In poems
At places I’ve lived
But never belonged

Birds of passage
Floating geese
Where is home?

Mother is an immigrant
Not just a girl traveling
Stoic on a never ending
Restless flow on a body
Of water

She is full of grace
Dancing inside shadows
Like a moving symphony

In the voyage of time
Not tamed or timid
Views of sage green
Cross stitch in the valley
There is pattern in the tapestry


The first time I smell smoke comes
From the top of a cake, my cake
One burning wick
One small fire
One year of life

As each birth day arrives
Candle-shadows cast
Growing a gift of memories
I try to give away
Insisting these days are special
Falling apart
Keeping it together
Fighting either way

Like the iron in my blood
And the irreversible blind eye
I eat the damn cake
Blow out another wish
Add it to the collection of
Dead and unfulfilled dreams
No one said 
‘I’ have to make them come true

My future is a forest 
I have not yet walked in
It is a mirror I use to look back on
A little girl counting all her lucky stars
The rehearsal is over 
The whole of my life is mine

Fotoula Reynolds is a writer of poetry, born in Australia of Greek heritage. She lives in the Dandenong Ranges in southern Australia. She convenes a poetry reading group in her local community and regularly attends and participates in spoken word events in and around the city of Melbourne. She is the author of three poetry collections and is published widely in anthologies, journals, reviews and magazines. Fotoula is a 2019 Pushcart Prize nominee.

Flights, Issue Four, April 2022