FAQs for reader and guest sign up

I want to read at your spoken word evening – do I just turn up?


Now for the long answer

We feel enormously grateful that so many great writers want to read at our spoken word nights, but we have never been an ‘open mic’ in the sense of ‘turn up and sign up’.

Well, why the hell not?

Barbara’s innate need not to have chaos


we want people to know what to expect by having a confirmed slot. You will also see when your slot is as we share the set order.

OK, so how do I sign up?

When we circulate details of our event, ticketing etc we will also circulate a link to a form. You sign-up on the form. When we have slightly too many people signed-up we will close the form. This is a completely separate form from the ticketing. The ticketing just gets you into the room.

How can I be sure I’ll see that form?

Use the Contact us on the website to share your email address, follow us on social media

If you sign too many people up, how do you make a decision who gets to read?

  • If you read last time, you might be asked to be on the waitlist
  • If you are new, we are likely to prioritise a spot for you
  • If we still have too many folk then we might just have to put names in a hat

Do you have any rules about what I can read/perform?

Only that:

  • We won’t tolerate anything violent, abusive or bigoted in anyway
  • You keep your set to five minutes or under (to include any explanation/information)
  • You provide a trigger warning where appropriate
  • We welcome poetry, flash and prose

OK, that’s readers, how do I get to be a guest?

It’s likely that we’ll approach you at some point because we’ve heard you read (at our event or someone else’s or on a podcast or in a poetry class or workshop) or read your stuff, there’s no harm in dropping us an email but bear in mind that we can decide that someone will be a great guest but not actually find the right slot for them for months if not years.