Dorian Nightingale

the verdant and the blue

          and take a look from over my shoulder.
hold me close,         
as you map the surface
and bear witness to my furthest geography.  
the land that follows me
         from high to below sea level.
as far as the crow flies
 	between the verdancy and blue.
my terrain on view, 
my footprints found on every footpath and 
where you can see my fingerprints 
        all over the fingertips of the headland.
down to the white tip of my nail, 
        a recurving spit that still defies the tides.
now bitten to the quick,
                       on ground that is no more stone than wet sand.

sea reveries

                 sinking beneath the surface wake,
and sleep awakening?
 to be taken 
                below the quickening stream
where sentient flows migrate
                and settle upon the invisible sediment.
swathed to the silt of the seabed, 
visions wrested from the almost still.
		  distilled luminosity 
                                                      moving the pensive dirt.

words unspoken

and just like that 
	                   i snap back 
to that place beyond the perimeter.
where words run out
                     as they cross the periphery.
dropping  to the ground,
            collapsing their mass
            right there right in front of me.
buckling their knees 
            whilst beseeching their worth,
offering me contemplation in the wet, sticky earth.
reasoning i have to choose 
		from many of their meanings 
and claim me for their equivalent terms.
pleading with me to utter their name
	     and be part of their lexical territory.

you see, their rhetoric doesn’t speak to me,
            and they will always fall short.
                    ill-defined, ill-equipped, 
    not cut out for such intimate thoughts.
so i remain tight-lipped, unmoved
            as their voices die down.
bowing their heads in quiet enervation,
                            my silence again deaf 
                                      to all their pointless whispering.

Flights, Issue Seven, December 2022