Dee Allen

Path of Demise

Lust for handling firearms
Angry mind siren calls
Shots ring out the loudest
After the sun falls
Night time is blood hunt time
Survival prospects slim
The path of demise
Is sought through him
Your very worst enemy
Looks similar to you
Bullets spent on men
This dismal world fears
Darker than blue
Ms. Death claims victory 
Over people at each other's throats
Sleeping boneyard on the hill
Crammed with the fallen, it bloats

[ After Davey Bales. ]


Desire for the miss from another race,
Still seen by some a total disgrace.
Environment and skin, different from mine,
Her shape, her heart
Just causes for me
To cross over a phantom line.

She sees my colour and I see hers.
Black and White, in flesh made sacred, merge.
This century's norm--
Sweeter wind, permissive this time--
Was a sin that led to the hangman's noose--
Last century's crime.


I don't want to come off
    As a man w/ all the answers
        Because I don't have them,


Allow me to use 
    This space 
       To share
           My impressions on


Can be sweet,
     Can be thoughtful,
           Can be nurturing,
                 Can be reliable,

                                  Born from need, 
                           Grounds you to reality
                      Made for 2.

Can go silent, 
      Express itself 
          In little actions.


Can also 
      Be a cover,
           A thick cloak, 
                 Timely disguise

                        For feelings

Able to batter,
     Break & shatter
         Fragile matter
             More so than glass

                       Human hearts--

W: World Vegetarian Day 2022

Flights, Issue Seven, December 2022