The Flight – FAQs

2023 Membership FAQs

What’s The Flight?

A chance to support Flight of the Dragonfly as a spoken word event and as a small press, and to get some really good stuff for yourself.

Is it a membership scheme? What’s in it for me?

Yes, it’s a membership scheme, two membership schemes actually and an optional extra.

Two schemes? What makes them different?

You are invited to join The Flight or The Writers’ Flight.

OK, what do I get if I join The Flight?

• All the books published by Flight of the Dragonfly between 1st January and 31stDecember 2023 (at least four plus the 2023 Take Flight anthology)

• 25% off Brighton spoken word in the room (full price £5)

• 20% discount on previous and additional copies of 2023 publications

• ‘Flight’ badge

• Take Flight (2022 anthology) 

• Membership card

OK, and The Writers’ Flight?

All of the benefits above, plus

• xix writer workshops per year led by Flight of the Dragonfly (no more than six participants in any workshop/choice of dates) 

• Exclusive Flight of the Dragonfly notebook 

• ‘Writers Flight’ badge

And did you mention an optional extra?

Yes, we did. Introducing The Mousearnickle add on…

The what?

The Mousearnickle.

It’s old Sussex dialect for Dragonfly. If you buy the Mousearnickle you get free entry into all four of our planned Brighton events next year.

I get a discount on the Brighton events with my standard membership

Yes, you do. If you buy the Mousearnickle and get your own free ticket you can still use that 25% discount to but further tickets for the same event.

There’s going to be some prices, right?

• Join The Flight for £30

• Join The Writers’ Flight for £75

• Add The Mousearnickle to either of those memberships for a mere £10

And what, precisely, will you be doing with the money you make from these memberships?

Some things the money will pay for:

• Printing costs for publications

• ISBN numbers

• Our Zoom subscription

• Booking and paying for the room we hire in Brighton ahead of time so we can be assured of our future dates

• Etc etc ….

Won’t what you make from the publications/ticket sales for the events in the room cover this?

They might, eventually, but we think this model makes us more secure and we will be better able to commit to a schedule of publications. If we do well there will be more publications.And besides some of you are very generous in your support, this way you will get something back.

Why The Writers’ Flight?

We have always attracted a strong and vibrant network of writers and we know that the thing that most of us want is really good feedback and constructive support around our work. Sometimes we have it, and sometimes we don’t. We thought by providing a set of workshops at intervals throughout the year we would be providing a much-needed service and a way of strengthening our community.

What days/times will the workshops run?

• Once we have an idea of numbers, we will poll The Writers’ Flight members for preferred times/days

• We will definitely provide a choice

What format will the writer’s workshops take?

• Up to six writers per 70-minute workshop

• One poem (up to 40 lines) or (up to) 500 lines of prose

• All pieces to be reviewed, submitted and shared a week in advance

• Ten minutes per piece

• Flight of the Dragonfly will run these workshops but we will consider adding workshops with special guests, these would be additional

How does membership work?

This release of membership is open to join from Saturday 19th November to Saturday 21stJanuary and will cover the whole of 2023. The first writer workshops will be in February.

So, I can’t join later?

Dependent on take up and demand we will consider a second intake of members in the middle of the year.

Can I buy a membership for someone?

Yes, you certainly can – they’d make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for the writer in your life! After you have purchased the membership, please email us at [do we need another email address? – I would say yes -it will make admin much easier.

Do I have to be a member to attend your Zoom spoken word?

No, absolutely not. Our Zoom spoken word will remain free and accessible to all.

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