Next Flight of the Dragonfly

Tuesday 11 May 2021, 19.30 – 21.30

With two special guest poets –

Vic Pickup and Cathy Carson. Find about about them here

As usual we will also welcome 14 (or so) readers of poetry, flash fiction or prose.

To request a reading slot please email:

Recently we have had more requests then we have space for, so we ask that you read for no more than 5 minutes (to allow us to get as many readers signed up as possible).

We will have a wait list (there tends to be at least one reader who fails to show on the night), if you are on the waitlist and attend but don’t read we will ensure you read next time.

To book your seat in our wonderful virtual world of words please use the Eventbrite link below and a link will Zoom its way to you.

Spread the words…