Flight of the Dragonfly Press – FAQs

What timeframe can I expect for publication?

  • From agreement to publication we would expect the process to take a maximum of six months and would aim for sooner. You will be kept up to date with the process

What is your editorial and production process?

  • Barbara will work with you in an editorial capacity both with the text and (if poetry or flash) the order of the work. The author has the final say
  • Barbara and the author will agree the order/presentation of the book e.g. where acknowledgements/dedications etc sit
  • Cover art is to be discussed between the author and the press
  • The author is responsible for requesting a blurb
  • On agreement of all the above the work will be handed over to Darren for typesetting
  • Proofs will be shared with the author and Barbara in a reject/accept cycle until all parties are prepared to sign the work off.
  • Our printers have a turnaround of an estimated one month and will also provide proofs that require review.

Once published how do you market my book?

  • All authors will be expected to promote their work on social media channels and wherever they get the opportunity
  • The book and an author bio will be featured on the Flight of the Dragonfly website and will be promoted via Flight of the Dragonfly social media channels and email
  • Dependent on location the author will be offered a guest slot at a Flight of the Dragonfly Spoken Word either on Zoom or in the room or a separate launch event on Zoom
  • Separate launch events in the room are to be discussed
  • Flight of the Dragonfly will, with the author’s permission, introduce them to other event organisers and encourage the author to make their own contacts where appropriate